Window or Mirror: A Tale of Magic ⭐️

Earlier in the year, I read A Tale of Magic by Chris Colfer. A Tale of Magic is about a girl who works to change the unfair world she lives in. And yes, it includes magic. The introduction (as told from the actual book) is down below if you’re interested in reading it. Also, fans of The Land of Stories will love this book. In fact, it is written by the same author!

A mirror book is a book that reflects some aspect of your life. That similarity can range from something small to something big. A window book is a book that doesn’t reflect your own life, but instead shows you a different perspective. A Tale of Magic is a window book for me. I feel like I am looking through a window at the many different perspectives throughout the book.

Introduction ( 🚨 Warning: may contain some spoilers 🚨 ):

Fourteen-year-old Brystal Evergreen has always known she was destined for great things–that is, if she can survive the oppressive Southern Kingdom. Her only escape are books, but since it’s illegal for women to read in her country, she has to find creative ways of acquiring them. Working as a maid at her local library gives her the perfect excuse to be near them and allows her to sneak a few titles home when no one is looking. But one day Brystal uncovers a secret section of the library and finds a book about magic that changes her life forever.

Magic is despised and outlawed throughout the world–Brystal is well aware of the severe consequences the book may bring—but her curiosity gets the best of her. By reading some of the text aloud, strange phenomena begin to occur and Brystal discovers she is capable of magic! And the more she practices it, the harder it becomes to hide.

After being caught and convicted, Brystal is saved by a mysterious woman named Madame Weatherberry. The woman takes Brystal to her Academy of Magic and teaches her to become a fairy. While Brystal studies magic and befriends the other students, Madame Weatherberry is suddenly called away on suspicious matters. When she doesn’t return, Brystal and her friends work together to find and save their instructor. Along the way, the students discover Madame Weatherberry’s true intentions for the academy are not what they seem, and they come face to face with a sinister plot that puts the fate of the world, and the fate of magic itself, in grave danger…


The Tale of Magic

I am reading The Tale of Magic by Chris Colfer. The Tale of Magic is a great book if you like tons of unexpected twists and turns. It is a fantasy book, which is easy told from the cover. It doesn’t have many illustrations, except for the start of every chapter. What’s cool is the illustration that is at the beginning of a new chapter shows you something big that’s going to happen. The Tale of Magic is the start of a new series by Chris Colfer. The Tale of Witchcraft is the second book in the series. I chose to read The Tale of Magic because The Land of Stories series, also by Chris Colfer, was my favorite series of all time, so I figured it might be worth reading 😊 📚.